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Everyone always asks me what is a Tripletail? I hesitate before answering because they are my favorite fish to catch and eat. When I was growing up here in Sarasota nobody knew what they were or how to catch them. I would go out and be the only boat on the water. We had our pick of all the big Tripletail, but times have changed!

Now, it seems like everyone is on the hunt for them. This is a new level of fishing because your racing against the clock. You need to catch your fish before someone jumps in front of you to run the same line. It’s became a game of leapfrog.

Luckily there have been plenty of big Tripletail for everyone. After a cold front comes through we see more Tripletail showing up. Being the first boat out when the weather calms down will give you a better shot at catching more and bigger Tripletail. There are plenty of different techniques to get the stubborn ones to take the bait but for the most part they are very easy fish to catch. If you want to learn more about Tripletail fishing cast me a line


The size limit for a keeper is 18”. Currently you can keep 2 per person. I have a feeling they will change it to 1 per person soon.

Keep Fishing! -Capt.Casey


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