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EXCLUSIVELY for Waves Members

Excursions & Fishing Clinics
A great perk of being a Waves Member is you have access to a lot of fantastic boats. Carissa (Waves owner/ president), has given me the opportunity to be your captain on exciting excursions and helpful fishing clinics. Take advantage of having your own private captain!

Personal Fishing Clinics and Charters
1-4 People


You won’t be able to truly live the FLORIDA LIFESTYLE until you know how to fish. Join me on the aqua blue waters of Sarasota. The clinics will be focused on proper equipment, correct rigging of your pole, different baits and techniques for catching a variety of saltwater species.

Book one of the terrific fishing boats Waves has to offer, and contact me for availability. (Stickney Point or Phillippi Creek are the preferred locations). Please set an early departure time (8-9am). Bring along any saltwater fishing gear you have. If you don’t have any I will provide everything you will need for the day. To allow us more time on the water, please stop by a local bait shop and pick up 5 dozen live shrimp on the morning of the trip. The day will be spent fishing at some great spots and learning how to consistently catch more fish. I’m looking forward to seeing you out on the water.

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(Waves Members Only)
Cost per trip (not per person)

  • $350 (4 hours)

  • $450 (6 hours)

  • $50 per additional hour

  • Fuel consumed

  • 5 dozen live shrimp

  • 15-20% Tips are customary 

Items you should bring

  • Fishing gear and tackle (if you have any)

  • Sunscreen, Hats, Sunglasses

  • Drinks, food, snacks 

  • 5 dozen live shrimp

Items I will provide

  • Fishing licenses for the day (up to 4 people)

  • Fishing gear and tackle

  • Cast nets, bait nets, and landing nets

  • Cooler, ice, and waters

Is your family in town?
Call me to be your captain!

Available for Sunset Cruises, Wildlife Tours and Sandbar Parties

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